‘Point Five’: Multiplying the Production Value of Your Film, Instead of Halving It

We’re pleased to announce that ‘Point Five’ (Dir. Sam Turner) has finished post-production and is now available to watch online! Quite the production to shoot during 2021 but the team have managed to pull it together and the film was completed earlier this year.

We had a stellar cast with some faces you may recognize. Kaine Buffonge played Liam, the somewhat intense environmentally friendly dealer. You may have seen him here too. Such a nice guy compared to his screen presence in 'Point Five'.

The cast also includes the wonderful Stephanie Houtman as Faith, who had an early career appearance on 'Skins' as well as more recent success on Amazon Prime TV Series ‘The Outlaws’.

Faith’s partner Ben, played by Daniel Allen, has had a number of successful short film roles behind him. Daniel provided an excellent nervous yuppie performance that elevated the film by providing quick comedic timing. Truly the driving force of the film!

The film opens on Ben and Faith getting ready for a night out, only lacking some necessary ingredients to make their evening more……..interesting. Once Ben plucks up the courage to make the call, he initiates their meeting with an environmentally friendly dealer, Liam.

Dan Allen as Ben calling his dealer - still from 'Point Five' Short Film Ixion TV Sam Turner
Kaine Buffonge as Liam the dealer on the phone with Ben - still from 'Point Five' Short Film Ixion TV Sam Turner
Kaine Buffonge as Liam the dealer driving to meet Ben and Faith - still from 'Point Five' Short Film Ixion TV Sam Turner
KainActors Kaine Buffonge, Dan Allen and Stephanie Houtman - still from 'Point Five' Short Film Ixion TV Sam Turner

It goes to show that easily identifiable locations can really up the production value. The film only has two filming locations and was shot in around 9 hours (logistics is key when you're against the clock).

Simple ways to add depth or increase the production value of your film, no matter the budget, include:

  • Shooting in a city, busy place or somewhere easily identifiable (think shooting cityscapes like Big Ben, Times Square, Moscow, Eiffel Tower, or even green screening an Outer Space effect through a window!)

  • Experimenting in the moment with creative choices from the crew and cast.

  • Making use of dynamic (moving) shots to help drive forward the pace/rhythm of the narrative.

  • Filming with the best format your budget can afford (even this one isn’t the most important aspect as a lot can be done with very little!).

  • Capturing good quality audio on the shoot (people will overlook poor quality images but will never overlook poor quality sound).

  • Working with a team that are invested in making the Director’s vision a reality.

Director Sam Turner took inspiration from Edgar Wright (‘Shaun of the Dead’, ‘Hot Fuzz’, ‘Baby Driver’, ‘Scott Pilgrim Vs The World’) and you can clearly see some of the parallels with his stylistic choices. Why not give ‘Point Five’ a watch and let us know in the comments if you see any similarities with other Directors.

At the moment, ‘Point Five’ has had very good success at film festivals. We will be doing another update on festival submissions in the coming months so please do watch this space!

Have a film concept that you would like brought to life? Aspiring Director, creative or technical mind? Why not get in touch.

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