Updated: Apr 10, 2020

Gratitude is such a simple word, but it is one that is most important. ‘The Hand That Feeds You’, Director John Perivolaris (, was the last production of 2019. The short film was completed over two days, with Cinematographer Mark Boggis ( helming the Arri Alexa Mini with Leica Summicrons. Myself and John had met in the summer, and having worked on the script until winter, began putting the pieces in place in late-October.

Looking back at the production, it reminded me to be grateful for the opportunity to be involved with such a talented group of individuals. It really goes to show that when you have a core team that works well together tricky scenes, as such in 'The Hand That Feeds You', can be accomplished. I'll leave you with a few behind-the-scenes images from filming; saving the best bits for the finished piece.

What experiences helped define 2019 for you?

Images courtesy of Alastair Searles Photography

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