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Updated: May 8, 2021

'Into the mountains' by Jack Anstey on Unsplash

Instagram: @jack_anstey

‘The Hand That Feeds You’, the short horror film directed by John Perivolaris, was completed earlier this year. Quite the landmark in my eyes, as it’s been the first horror short I’ve produced, and certainly had its challenges with being set in one room. When you realise what truly makes you happy, it adds to your reserve.

'The Hand That Feeds You' (2021)

Stills courtesy of Hailstorm Pictures and Ixion TV

Director: John Perivolaris

Director of Photography: Mark Boggis

Having recently shot ‘Point Five’, written and directed by Sam Turner, you begin to build the next step of the journey. When you take action you understand that it’s the development of talent and skills that is so critical to the existence and continuation of the arts. It’s a theme that runs through every step, every decision and every interaction.

BTS photography of 'Point Five' courtesy of Thomas Kerrigan Videography

Innovators rarely have a competition problem. In fact, their biggest problem is in finding the next innovation or ‘bright idea’ and bringing it to a wider audience. How can you find the next innovation or new talent and bring what you have to a wider audience? Trust in your instincts.

Are you an innovator who wants to bring their ideas to a wider audience? Perhaps it’s time to trust your instincts and take action?

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